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The leader of a Finnish hate group, Johan Bäckman, who works for the Russian government, has invited Russia's leading neo-fascists to celebrate in Helsinki, the group reported on its website. The hate group's event is being hosted by GLO Hotel Art in Helsinki's city centre. The Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee sent the following open letter to GLO Hotels, its parent group Kämp Group, and principal owner CapMan:

To Whom It May Concern:
The press spokesman of Russia's state-run Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS), Johan Bäckman, will hold an event on Sunday, 18 May 2014 at noon, in the Jugend Hall of GLO Hotel Art in Helsinki. Bäckman has invited leading proponents of Russian neo-fascism, Alexander Dugin, Alexander Prokhanov, and Nikolai Starikov, to speak at the event.
Alexander Dugin, leader of the neo-fascist Eurasia Party and Eurasian Youth Union, is also known as the ideologue of Russian National Bolshevism and Vladimir Putin's expansionist policy of territorial conquest. He has preached the onset of a "true, radically revolutionary fascism" in Russia. Dugin yearns for the restoration of the Russian Empire and regards Finland as part of it.
Alexander Prokhanov, editor-in-chief of the extreme right-wing newspaper, Zavtra, is a Stalinist and antisemite who has repeatedly and publicly called for the physical elimination of his ideological opponents. He has portrayed himself as the representative of the Palestinian terrorist organisation, Hamas. Recently, Prokhanov called on Russia to send in tanks to occupy cities in East Ukraine.
Nikolai Starikov is an author of fictionalised history and homophobic conspiracy theorist who supports the restoration of the totalitarian Soviet empire. Starikov is the leader of several political organisations that support the Kremlin's imperialist war policies and spread anti-Western propaganda, including the neo-communist "Great Fatherland Party" and "Trade Union of Russian Citizens."
In his press release, Johan Bäckman claims that one of the organisers of this event of Russian neo-fascist propagandists is a "Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee." In reality, the Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee has nothing to do with Bäckman's hate group and the activities of the group's members. We respectfully ask GLO Hotel Art to remove all possible notices that may lead your clientele astray.
GLO Hotels are part of the Finnish hotel and restaurant group, Kämp Group. The group's parent company is Kämp Group Oy, which is majority owned by funds managed by the Finnish investment company, CapMan Group. Kämp Group's minority shareholder is Berling Capital, which is owned by the Finnish investor, Esa Karppinen, and his family.
CapMan's Responsible Investment Statement states that the company's mission is to "contribute to the enrichment of the society." The company says that it believes in "integrity and transparency" and that it wants to be "an example of high ethics." CapMan said it would "inform fund investors immediately in case of an ESG-related incident."
The Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee would like to ask GLO Hotel Art, Kämp Group, and CapMan, whether hosting an event of neo-fascists advocating for Russia's expansionist imperialist policies was in line with the principles of the social and investor responsibilities of your companies. We strongly urge you to consider the effect of the event hosted by GLO Hotel Art on the public image of your companies.
Yours faithfully,
Kerkko Paananen
Vice Chairman

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