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Finnish social welfare authorities are trafficking in children, Finnish feminists wish to destroy the family as an institution, and Finland's Lutheran, atheist church is supporting all this. Finland's social services are like a "Gestapo without a Fuhrer." This is what one Johan Bäckman, leader of a Finnish hate group, is telling Russian media.

Finland has refused to sign a bilateral agreement on child custody disputes with Russia, insisting on settling such disputes in the framework of the Hague convention against child abductions, which Russia has still not ratified. Meanwhile, Bäckman's group has proposed that the Russian Embassy in Helsinki begin meddling in child custody cases in Finnish courts.

Bäckman's gang is trying to spoil the friendly relations between the peoples of Finland and Russia and to deprive the right of families living in Finland to child protection. The main victims of this Kremlin-sponsored propaganda campaign are families and children in distress, who are being used cynically to serve Russia's domestic and foreign policy objectives.

Bäckman's racist hate group states that a Russian woman cannot be a feminist. In Russia, it is up to the mother to take care of the wellbeing, discipline, and education of children; the Finnish feminist woman, however, regards the family as a prison. Because of this conflict, Russian mothers are subjected to ethnic discrimination in Finland, the group claims.

The Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee strongly condemns the campaign of the Russian authorities and their Finnish errand boys against the rights of children in Finland. We call on the Finnish authorities to consider legal measures against those who are abusing the trust of families in distress and defaming the good name of Finland's child welfare authorities.

Helsinki, 26 January 2012

Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee

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  1. I want to add one issue to this enlightening article. The hate group targeting child care in Finland has been involved in one quite odd activity.

    They have been organizing even rallies in Moscow in order to extradite one child from Finland to Russia! They apparently want the poor boy Anton to be transported from safe conditions in Finland to an orphanage in Russia! Today, the child lives according to a court order with his father in Finland. Also his mother Rimma lives in Finland, where she apparently find life quality superior to Russia.

    Now this hate group want to send the boy as an orphan to Russia. You could hardly find a more outstanding example about carelessness about a child's well-being.

    Mikael Storsjö
    Helsinki, Finland

  2. Commenting on the activities and statements of Johan Bäckman, Finland's Ombudsman for Children, Maria Kaisa Aula, said his statements gave rise to fear among Russian-speaking families in Finland toward child protection authorities. "Social services are useful, not a threat to families," Aula stressed. "Listening to Bäckman's interpretations on issues related to children, I am not always sure we are talking about the same thing. It is hard to find any facts in his statements," Aula noted.



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