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"We do not serve these men"
Anti-fascism emerged in Italy in the 1920s as a reaction to the nationalist and totalitarian fascism which was on the march. In France, anti-fascist forces included socialists, nationalists, and monarchists. Anti-fascism is a movement and an ideology that fights fascism, national-socialism, and totalitarianism. Traditionally, anti-fascists have included both right- and left-wingers as well as liberals and people from various different idelogical camps.

Throughout history, different foreign occupiers have tried to alter local values and concepts to serve their own interests. This is true even today. In Finland, a small group of extremists with roots in Stalinism has emerged in the form of a vocal hate group, which calls itself “anti-fascist” in order to mislead the public about its actual aims. The group’s members can most accurately be designated as supporters of totalitarianism.

The Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee is a registered association established in August 2011. The association’s members include a wide range of defenders of Finnish society and opponents of foreign aggression and threats to our society. We renounce all violence and incitement to violence. Our activities are based on universal humanitarian values and the best traditions of anti-violent anti-fascism in Europe and throughout the world.

The Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee strives to disclose Finnish totalitarian groups that are based on fascist, national-socialist, or communist ideology. We wish to disclose their aims, contacts, and financiers, and to undermine their activities as a “third force between socialism and capitalism.” We wish to disclose their propaganda campaigns and prevent acts of terror. A society where state power penetrates the whole society is an abomination to us.

We must fight fascist forces in our society and criminalise their activities! Finnish society needs to defend itself against foreign iniquity and violence.

Helsinki, 18 August 2011

Antti-Pekka Mustonen

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